About u(nu)s

Unus MunDus was founded by Dr. Nicole Werner.

We work together with a broad network of associates in different countries.

Fostering Collaboration with Leadership and Connection

Dr. Nicole Werner is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural facilitator who is passionate about changing the world by enhancing human connection and leadership capabilities. 

Nicole has experience as a facilitator for experiential leadership development, as an executive coach and as a consultant for transformational organisational change. 

As a pragmatic, solution-oriented catalyst for change, provided with an exceptional openness to experience and ability to hold uncertainty, Nicole keeps the balance between organisational exploration and exploitation during the process of transformation. She is recognised for her ability to establish rapport and credibility with diverse stakeholders – from factory worker to senior management.

Born in Germany, at age five Nicole started horseback riding. Over the years, she learned from the horses how leading influences following, and vice versa. She experienced that exerting force against resistance is brutal and futile whereas connection and empathy foster cooperation.  

On her professional journey around the globe working as quantum physicist and expert for global sustainable development, Nicole further identified inspiration and purpose as key success factors for performance and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. 

Today, Nicole applies her embodied knowledge into her practice as leadership facilitator, executive coach and business consultant.

Nicole lives in Zürich. In her free time you might find her in the mountains riding her bike or swimming in a cold lake. She still loves horseback riding and is an enthusiastic dancer.

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